Youth Clinic - Family Day Weekend - Feb 16 & 17, 2019

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La Niña Sled Camp, Revelstoke Snowmobile Club, Avalanche Canada and Revelstoke Search and Rescue have teamed up to create an awesome weekend promoting mountain snowmobile safety and education for our up and coming generation of shredders.

This clinic is open to all ages, and parents/guardians are invited to join in the sessions. All youth participants will receive a free trail pass for the day, a swag bag and lot’s of good knowledge, friendships and skills. Avalanche safety gear including transceiver, probe and shovel must be worn by all participants and all youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday, February 16 - FREE

Hosted by Revelstoke Snowmobile Club - email to register

9am @ Visitors Center in Boulder Parking Lot

This day will be filled with chats and demos from Revelstoke Search and Rescue & Avalanche Canada. Topics include mountain preparedness and survival, avalanche safety and general snowmobile etiquette and what to do in the case of an emergency. There will be lots of interactive games and prizes throughout the day and it is a great way to engage the kids and learn together.

Sunday, February 17 - $250 (or $150 if previous day was attended)

Hosted by La Niña Sled Camp - Nadine Overwater & Cody Borchers - to register

9am - location TBA

This day is all about shadowing the pros in the mountains and learning about decision making and mountain safety as you move through the terrain. Groups will be split based on age and ability (remember all youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult). Come see how we are prepared when we ride and what it takes to make sure you come home every night. There will be additional snowmobile skills included in this clinic.

This is a great opportunity to promote the sport with the next generation - make sure you take advantage of this packed weekend to come out with your youth and learn the ropes with the pros!

Spread the word, let’s make this a successful weekend! See you out there!

2019 La Niña Dates are Out!

There has been several requests to get my program organized and dates published for next season and here it is! 

I am fully recovered from knee surgery and looking forward to getting back out on the snow with you ladies! The countdown to winter begins!!

Make sure you check out the new camps this year including the Sunday Funday for all my returning girls that just want to shred hard until they can't hold on anymore, as well as the 2 avalanche refresher weekends for those weekend warriors. And the returning camps will be offered as well including the Intro to Backcountry and the ever popular Backcountry Bootcamps.

Camp numbers are limited as group sizes are small for these sessions.

Save the date for the Charity Ride which will be held on December 15 this year, details will follow as well as the youth weekend which will fall on Family Day weekend (Feb 16-17) which will be a great way to get shreducated with your kids on snow with the professionals!

Message for details or get registered to ensure your spot!

In the meantime, enjoy your summer and get strong for this winter!




Super stoked to announce La Niña's 4th Annual Charity ride - this year we have a goal to raise $8,000 for a local charity The Open Mountains Project ( a free summer camp for vulnerable youth in and around Revelstoke).


Registrations have opened, visit for details on how to register. 

We are asking a minimum donation of $150 - the groups will be 8 ppl to 2 coach/guides, there will be professional photographers and lots of prizes and smiles.

This is a great way to kick off the season and a great way to pay it forward. 

Any questions please ask


I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past
— unknown

The basics are as follows;

·         Guided days – Dec 10 & 11

·         You will ride day 1 with three of the riders and then the second day with the other three

·         Up to 6 people maximum for the prize package

·         You need to provide your own sled and fuel and food and trail passes if needed

·         Accommodations at Glacier House (cabin) – Dec 9 & 10 – you have the option to extend if you wish

·         Social on Saturday evening with all the athletes – venue TBA


What is the cause?

Our good friend, and Canadian filmer for 509 has recently been married and his beautiful young wife has developed a rare form of cancer. It has been a long and tough haul for the two of them through this ordeal and it is becoming pretty cumbersome on the financial situation. We are a tight knit family in the 509 group and this is one way we can help make a difference. All of the athletes are donating their services and time to make this happen in addition to Glacier House and some other businesses around Revelstoke making additional contributions. We think this is a really great opportunity for a group of friends or a corporate group to get together and come and shred the Revelstoke backcountry with all their favorite riders.

Minimum bid starting at $5000

Bidding Closes on November 13, 2016 – full payment due within the week please

I am sorry, this is not a registered charity so I cannot offer you a receipt at this moment although we are working on a loophole and will update this shortly (hopefully with news that we can issue a receipt)

All bids will be updated daily on the Ride 4 Krystle Facebook Page

Alternatively, the bidding prices will be updated on for those of you who don’t have facebook

I will be posting names with the bid amount – if you chose not to have your name posted, please inform me with your bid.

Sleds can be rented from Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours (located at Glacier House) if needed in addition to avalanche gear

I think that about covers it but if I have missed anything or you have any questions please direct them to me at this email and I will be happy to answer them.

Again, thanks for the inquiry and please share the word and get the info spread out so we can make some money for the couple in need.

La Niña Charity Camp - Saturday, December 19, 2015

Alright. It's happening.

I have had countless requests from local ladies and friends who want a sled lesson. In light of not having enough time to take everyone out, I have decided to run a 1-day camp that will be a total charity event to raise funds for the Revelstoke Hospice Society. 

Glacier House is onboard and La Nina is on board and if you know of any other businesses that want to make a contribution, please let me know - we will gladly take it! 

Myself, Stephanie Laroy-Schwartz, Brianna Lukkar and Acara Cada will be donating our time to run a skills based camp to get everyone from the gals who just bought a machine to the sled-skier who just wants to get to that spot they can't quite reach. Groups will be small at 5:1 and we will be able to cater to all skill levels. I promise you will gain from this camp!

Minimum donation of $100 gets you a spot.

Maximum 20 girls - will be broke into groups for skills and what you want to learn

Apres snacks included ( maybe beer - i'm still working on them )

All the money except slight food costs will go to the charity.

Email to register - this is something you won't want to miss!

(all girls require their own sled, avalanche gear and transportation )

2015/16 La Niña Sled Camp Dates Released

The sled camp dates for the upcoming season are finally released!  There is lot's in the works for this season including some new locations and some camps hosted by the SLED BETTIES. I am getting excited for winter already! 

Make sure you head over to the website to get registered as spaces are limited! And don't hesitate to contact for any questions or concerns! See you all this winter!

A little re-group after a great Bootcamp in Revelstoke last season. Snow everywhere!!!

A little re-group after a great Bootcamp in Revelstoke last season. Snow everywhere!!!

Gearboy CONTEST!

It's been a common theme in the industry as of late - gear girls and unsatisfactory portrayal of women in sport.  It drives a lot of people crazy but to be honest it doesn't really bother me and I am going to use this first La Niña Sled Camp contest to really get things fired up.  I want to see your topless gear boys and your whip this season!   Get creative and post your photos on instagram - make sure you hashtag #laninasledcamp and #gearboy, or as an alternative post them on facebook and tag La Niña Sled Camp.  All entries have to be in by November 30 and winner will be announced on December 1.  Prize pack will be some soft goods from Motorfist and Riderz


Adios Winter

This season was full of ups and downs for me.  I would say that personally, I have experienced the most progression that I have yet.  A bit of an emotional battle early in the season left my head a little out of the game (in addition to a ridiculously long dry-spell) but by February, I had decided it was time to pull my head out of my ass and start focusing my negative energy on my riding.  It worked out pretty good.  

My goals included bagging a video part with 509, hitting bigger and burlier jumps and cliffs, and expanding my business.  Lucky for me, the crew here in Revelstoke is second to none.  I got to spend my days with the likes of Derek Wood, Brodie Evans, Cody Borchers to help with my technical training,  let alone the plethora of other talent that joins us on a daily basis.  We push each other and in all the right ways.  Everyone is just as stoked to get out and ride and it is rare that a day goes by and there is nobody to sled with.  I never take this for granted, I truly love this place and the friend circle it encompasses.  

As for achieving what I set out to do this winter.....well, I am happy with my accomplishments.  I can't guarantee a video segment but I feel that I got a lot of great shots and my fingers are crossed.  Womens' riding is a touchy subject among many.  I don't want a film segment unless it is to standard of all riders, I don't want to be in the film because I am the female athlete on the team.  I want to get solid, quality and aesthetic shots and I want people to get fired up on my riding.  I agree with building confidence and the unity of gender, but not a big proponent of the "girl power" movement.  Rather, hone your skills and get out there and shred with the boys, and do it with style.  So I guess we will see if this fall brings me success in this goal.  I hope it does and I hope it opens the door to more potential media.

Hitting bigger features was kind of the theme of the year.  I had the pleasure of having to ride with Derek Wood this year almost daily.  It doesn't matter how big I go, that kid sends it to the moon every time and makes my line look pidley.  I love him for it though, it sure pushed me to a new level.  I wanted to start hitting man-made booters this year in hopes to start tricking in the future.  It was important that I got over my fear of hitting them I I did that.  I started early in the season building little baby jumps every chance I had.  I started building them bigger and bigger and the fear of approaching that cheese-wedge face completely disappeared.   By spring I was hitting the boys' jumps and once I could do it at almost full throttle, it was game on.  Needless to say, I landed flat more times than a rabbit can turd in a day - but that is how you learn.  I am feeling super comfortable in the air.  I just want to keep sending it and keep progressing that way.  Finding new features to build jumps is just as fun as hitting them too.  It's like treasure island out here and the only barriers are your mind ( and your spine).

Expanding my business, La Nina Sled Camp, is a work in progress.  I ran all my camps out of Revelstoke this season but am working on doing some in other locations next year with the main goal of hopefully getting to Sweden for one. I am not trying to build an empire, I want to keep the camps small and intimate with high quality coaching.  I have had good feedback and more importantly, have noticed a huge difference in the clients skills which makes it all worthwhile.  

The season felt short but I logged lot's of seat time and I am happy to get back into summer and rest and rehab for another big season next year.  I am excited to see what the future holds and see what myself and my shredding buds are capable of.

 I love you winter, but adios.