January 9, 2016: Backcountry Intro

I normally offer the Backcountry Intro because I feel that it is a necessary step for girls to transition into starting to ride on their own - away from the dads and the husbands and the brothers. Usually, I don't get much interest and the camps run with 2 to 4 girls. This year was an exception - I had so much interest I had to bring on another coach and then I was still turning girls away! I am sorry to the ladies that I couldn't take on, I hope you try again next year! And for all the ladies that came out, I was amazed by your skills you had already and your ability to learn so quickly! It was a super fun day and a lot was learned and a lot of new friendships were made. Thanks to everyone, including Brianna Lukkar and Stephanie Laroy-Schwartz for helping make it such a success!