Nadine Overwater - owner/lead coach

Born and raised in Alberta, I moved to BC as soon as I could, in 2007 when I was finished University.  I have an 11 year old son who is growing up fast and starting to enjoy the sports I do.  My experience in sledding includes ditch banging short tracks since I was 7, my first introduction to mountain riding was in 2002 when we started using them for backcountry snowboard access.  I bought my own brand new Rev in 2007 and never looked back.  I have spent the last 5 winters sled guiding the backcountry in and around Revelstoke.  I am pursuing my Avalanche Operations Level.  I spend well over 100 days a season on my machine and get to practice everyday with all different skill levels.  My favorite part about the sport is the endless progression and the fact that you can never really conquer it - there is always something new you can hit or learn.  Oh, and I love faceshots - who wouldn't.  I started La Nina Sled Camp in 2012 because I saw a huge increase in women riders in the market and a niche for learning that would essentially help girls build confidence in a positive environment and away from the stress of having to keep up with their partners.  

I love my business and Iove my lifestyle and I hope to continue influencing other women to get out and shred as often as they can.  

Current Sponsors:

  • Riderz Edson
  • 509 Inc
  • Motorfist
  • M-Line Sled decks
  • Fox 
  • Highmark by Snowpulse
  • HTR Designs
  • Somewon Snow

Ambassador Roles:

  • Avalanche Canada
  • See Revelstoke


  • Full Segment 509 Volume 9 (2013/14)
  • Full Segment 509 Volume 10 (2014/15)
  • Feature 3 page article Sledder Mag Issue 6 (Fall 2015)
  • Feature 2 Page article Revelstoke Times Review (Winter 2015)
  • Feature 1 Page article Momentum (Central Alberta Publication) (July 2015)



  • Continue filming for 509 Volume 11
  • Film segment in Motorfist first feature film to be released 2016
  • Contribute to local community through ambassador programs - specifically outreach programs with the Avalanche Canada
  • Continue providing La Niña Sled Camps all over the province to enhance female riding
  • Make no excuses, have no regrets 
  • Focus on more advance freestyle - want to be the first girl to do a seat grab