Building confidence & friendships

These 2 day camps are designed to get girls away from their male counterparts and start building confidence to get out and ride on their own. Don't get me wrong, we love having the boys around but this just gives the ladies an opportunity to try some different riding techniques and realize that they are able to maneuver the sled and get it unstuck on their own. This is women teaching women at it's finest. Progressing as a group helps everyone build confidence, skill and lifelong friendships. We generally stick to simple terrain and work on skills like carving, sidehilling, hillcliimbing, wheelies, donuts, and general terrain choice and of course, how to get unstuck in any situation. 

Girls taking this camp have either come through the Intro To Backcountry camp and are ready for the next step, or, are comfortable enough on their machine that they don't mind going off-trail into powder and using the throttle.



Dates & Locations

Dec 28 & 29     Revelstoke  FULL

Jan 20 & 21   Revelstoke      FULL

March 10 & 11 Revelstoke



$550 pp