9-February-2017 : Revelstoke Ride Report

It has been a pretty standard week of early February winter here in Revelstoke. The last storm brought us a nice dusting of around 25 cm, and the wind created an even deeper fresh dusting in certain areas. Although it was not quite enough to fill in all the old tracks, all you had to do was venture a little further and it was amazing and cold and blower. And cold. 

The theme of the winter has been cold but it looks like it is coming to an end soon. Snow started falling Wednesday night and continues to do so. Numerous models put the precipitation amounts at over 40 cm before the weekend, we are hitting that mark as I sit here and type this right now. It looks like we are in for a short term reset. Enjoy it while you can my friends because it also looks like a large low pressure is going to bring us drastically warmer temperatures later next week, likely Wednesday. These conditions are not going to last and you can already feel it warming up as it is trying to rain in town. 

Currently trails are all being groomed and main riding areas have seen a lot of traffic. This storm should pretty much take care of the tracks and make for a fresh pow canvas for you to enjoy this weekend. Please make sure you are checking www.avalanche.ca as always and keeping current on avalanche conditions for your riding area! Things are going to get a lot more spicy with this storm and then the warming to follow. 

Happy trails!

 Spent a little time breaking trail into some new zones this week :)

Spent a little time breaking trail into some new zones this week :)