19-January-2017 : Revelstoke Ride Report

It has been a beautiful week of blue skies and good shredding, until Wednesday when the temperatures warmed up substantially and valley bottoms got really close to rain. It was wet and it was heavy. Luckily the mid and high elevations stayed cool enough that it was in the form of snow above 900m around the Revelstoke area. We were in need of a little reset, and this is exactly what we got up top. There is the odd old track that you can feel under the new snow, but generally a pretty good fill in. The new snow sits on a layer of buried surface hoar in many sheltered areas and the additional load is increasing stress to the deeper buried weak layers - so avalanche conditions are less stable than what we have been experiencing for the past month. The weather forecast is calling for a few more smaller pacific systems to move through during the next week but nothing substantial. That being said, we should have some sun and at least some good visibility and fresh snow to play in for the weekend. The fronts are expected to move through with some strong winds, so be aware of where those wind slabs may be forming up - likely on North and Northeast aspects but don't get caught off guard with crossloading.

Stay tuned on local weather conditions as the last storms have not come in as forecasted and as usual be on the ball with the bulletins at www.avalanche.ca

 Rider: Nadine Overwater   Photo : Ty Pike (509inc)

Rider: Nadine Overwater 

Photo : Ty Pike (509inc)