17-March-2016: La Niña Revelstoke Ride

I'm going to start this report on a low note an mention that we have had 2 snowmobile related avalanche deaths this past week in BC. It is very much winter still and wanting to remind everyone that we are not infallible.

The past week has been cells of storms and lot's of strong winds (from all directions). There is cooler temperatures up top causing several pockets of great blower snow. The only thing to watch out for is that wind - since it was coming from all directions, it is really difficult to predict the loading right now so it is best to treat all slopes as loaded slopes and be cautious. Looking forward we have mostly sun in the forecast until about Monday when it looks like another pacific low will be making it's way into the interior bringing snow through the week. 

So suns out guns out but watch those solar aspects in the afternoon, the cornices are gigantic right now and will definitely be able to trigger a large avalanche below.

Driving up to 4km on Boulder right now, pretty fun time if you have an enclosed trailer (joking) and Frisbee still riding from the bottom. Groomers are still running every day. All areas that don't see a groomer are heinous and unless you like rallying 3 foot woops, I would stick to the groomed areas. 

 Exploring made well worth it when we popped into this zone!

Exploring made well worth it when we popped into this zone!