Stepping Stones...

This camp is targeted at those women who have just started sledding or maybe just feel a  little unease at heading into the backcountry with a group of riders that are stronger than them. It's a one day clinic that goes through all the basics of riding including gear choice, what to pack, how to load/unload, backcountry and trail etiquette, basic avalanche knowledge and of course some sled advice and riding techniques. We will give you some tips on how to change your body position and maneuver that big machine with much less energy. There are two trained guides and coaches to take care of you and put you at ease and teach you all the skills necessary to head out for a day of backcountry.

Although this is an "intro" clinic, there is still a minimum skill set required. This camp is aimed at women with some experience riding, it doesn't have to be in the mountains but a moderate level of comfort using the throttle and basic understanding of the machine is mandatory. 


Dates & Locations

Jan 13       Revelstoke


$375 pp