Can't just have the women having all the fun....

These 2 day camps were created to compliment the women's camps. Designed to provide a comfortable riding atmosphere with qualified guieds for those men who traveled out with the girls, and also a chance to gain some skills from some of the top Canadian Pro sledders including Cody Borchers, Brodie Evans, Derek Wood and Riley Suhan. 

The camps will run at the same time as the womens' camps and the groups will be able to meet up in the evening to share apres and all the stories from the day. 

These camps are open to everyone, not just those boys attached to those women. And space is limited, so if you are interested make sure you sign up right away. 

Cost includes 2 days of coached/guided riding in the Revelstoke area, trail passes, apres, and photos.



Dates & Locations

Dec 28 & 29     Revelstoke

Jan 13 & 14   Revelstoke

Jan 20 & 21   Revelstoke

Feb 24 & 25  Revelstoke

March 10 & 11 Revelstoke

March 30 & 31 Revelstoke

April 6 & 7     Revelstoke



$550 pp