2019/20 La Niña Program

These camps are targeted for women who are ready to get after it in the backcountry. Camps include qualified and experienced backcountry snowmobile guides, photos, some aprés and swag. You will need to provide your own machine and all your own gear including avalanche gear and lunch. Refer to each camp description to see which one best suits you and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at info@laninasledcamp.ca

INTRO TO BACKCOUNTRY                                                                              $400/pp

Friday, January 3, 2020
Saturday, January 4, 2020

**register for both days $700

A one day clinic that goes through all the basics of riding including gear choice, what to pack, how to load/unload, backcountry and trail etiquette, basic avalanche knowledge and of course some sled advice and riding techniques. We will give you some tips on how to change your body position and maneuver that big machine with much less energy. There are two trained guides and coaches to take care of you and put you at ease and teach you all the skills necessary to head out for a day of backcountry.

Although this is an "intro" clinic, there is still a minimum skill set required. This camp is aimed at women with some experience riding, it doesn't have to be in the mountains but a moderate level of comfort using the throttle and basic understanding of the machine is mandatory. 

We have added an optional and additional day on Saturday for those ladies who want to put those skills to use right away. This day is open to anyone who wants to get back out in the backcountry with the comfort of guides/coaches and other women and a gentle yet challenging learning atmosphere.

Rider ratio of 4:1 (rider to coach)

BACKCOUNTRY BOOTCAMP                                                                          $650/pp

January 24-25, 2020 Revelstoke, BC
February 14-15, 2020 Revelstoke, BC
March 13-14, 2020 Revelstoke, BC

These 2 day camps are designed to get girls away from their male counterparts and start building confidence to get out and ride on their own. Don't get me wrong, we love having the boys around but this just gives the ladies an opportunity to try some different riding techniques and realize that they are able to maneuver the sled and get it unstuck on their own. This is women teaching women at it's finest. Progressing as a group helps everyone build confidence, skill and lifelong friendships. We generally stick to simple terrain and work on skills like carving, sidehilling, hillclimbing, wheelies, donuts, and general terrain choice and of course, how to get unstuck in any situation. 

Girls taking this camp have either come through the Intro To Backcountry camp and are ready for the next step, or, are comfortable enough on their machine that they don't mind going off-trail into powder and using the throttle. We are going to push you a little bit during this clinic so be prepared to be tired!

Rider ratio 4:1 (rider to coach)

NEW! SUNDAY FUNDAY                                                                               $350/pp

January 5, 2020
February 1, 2020
March 1, 2020
March 28, 2020 - FULL!

These camps are designed for the girls that have been through camp multiple times and/or have the skills to tackle all terrain and the fitness level to last all day. These are very small groups and so space is limited, get signed up and come and chase me or Brianna around our backyard for a day!

We will be exploring new zones and riding in areas that require advanced skills. Girls must be comfortable going into the trees, able to sidehill and have a minimum AST level 1 course.

Please notice that not all camps are actually on Sunday - also, the location of all of these will be Revelstoke.

Rider ratio 3:1 (rider to coach)